About Us

        Currently there is a severe shortage of blood in India. Given its growing population and number of diseases, accidents, etc., shortage of blood supply during surgeries is chronic. Thousands of patients and their families have to run pillar to post to arrange for blood for their near and dear ones. Even for common blood groupsfinding proper source todonors is scarce. There is also a parallel market growing for that where blood is sold at high price making it increasingly difficult for common patients to arrange blood during treatment. Even after paying high price for blood units there is no guarantee that you'd get quality blood units for patients.

      The need of the time is a centralized blood bank database that would collect information on availability of blood units, addresses of blood banks near you, list of voluntary blood donors and more. In a word, it becomes your ready reckoner when your loved ones are in dire need of blood that can save their lives.

       MY BLOOD BANK is one such effort to bring donors and recipients to a common platform. We encourage donors and blood banks to register with us for free. The site will contain their names, addresses and phone numbers to allow patients to contact them directly to check availability. We would also constantly update our list to keep it updated for new registered members. It is an effort to make it easier for those in need to find blood easily so that they can save lives of their loved ones.

       Donating blood is a noble cause. But unfortunately the total collection of blood annually in the country is only a fraction of the total requirement. A government estimate suggests thatannually India needs 12 million units of blood whereas annual collection is merely 9 million units. The actual scenario is even worse since doctors estimate the actual need is five times of government estimate. Number of donors, which is 50 per thousand in developed countries, is actually 8 per thousand in India. The result is acute shortage. The situation gets even worse during summer which reduces the shelf life of collected blood. Without ample storage facility thousands of blood units get wasted. We considered it as a social call to improve the scenario of blood availability in India.

       MY BLOOD BANK wants to make sure that no patient is denied of medical care because of shortage of blood units. In current scenario where any information is available over the internet there had been no efforts made towards collecting precious information on blood banks and donors on a centralized platform. It is an effort that we hope to help saving many lives. We request donors and blood banks to update their status and availability regularly with us to join hands in the noble cause and to make this effort a success. We are also looking forward to make partners with hospital, nursinghomes, corporate to build a network that can make a difference to India's health scenario.

How we function

Functionalities for Donors:

• Free registration

• Awarded National Donor ID that recognizes him/her as donor

• Receives SMS in case others are in need or SMS and Mail for donation

• Drives happening nearby

• Can maintain his/her blood donation history

• Can searchthe database for nearest blood bank

• Find about near blood donation camps

• Can request other donors in case of emergency through SMS

• Once donated, donor will not receive any notification throughmail/sms for 3 months (90 days)

Functionalities for Blood Banks:

• Free registration

• Access to centralized database of donors

• Create scheduled drive and notify donors (by blood type, area, cityetc.) through SMS and Mail

• Create Emergency drive and notify donors by SMS (in case emergency)

• Maintain own database

• Generate periodical reports